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Floor Repair and Plinth Construction at Sherwin-Williams, Tuas Nov-21
Ground Settlement Improvement Works at SMAG Oct-21
Painting Works at ChampionX, Jurong Island Oct-21
Tank Foundation Repair Work (T-1042) at Oiltanking Terminal Singapore – Seraya Aug-21
Civil & Structural Work for SGA Project at Sunview Way May-21
Civil works at TMUC-JIDP Pipe Rack Steel Modification at Tembusu Crescent, Jurong Island May-21
In-house Maintenance Contract in Petrochemical Corporation of Singapore (PCS) Feb-21
Supply & Install & Maintain LED Lightings at West Connect Building, Buroh Street Feb-21
Replacement of Exterior Skylight Panel at Maintenance Workshop, ExxonMobil SAR2 Jan-21
Demolition & Reinstatement Works at Woodlands Sunny Food, Senoko Crescent Jan-21
Construction of Slab for Temporary Warehouse Tentage at SMAG, Jurong Island Dec-20
Cable Tracing Works – Jurong Control House Early Works at ExxonMobil Pioneer Dec-20
Ground Bearing Test for 300T parking location at LPS-1, Vopak Sebarok Nov-20
Hacking and Disposal of Concrete at T-806 Road Crossing at Horizon Terminal Nov-20
Waterproofing Works for Lab Roof-Top Surface, ExxonMobil SAR2 Nov-20
Asphalt and Road Marking at Truck Loading Bay at Vopak Banyan Oct-20
Civil works for Tank T-450 at Chervon at Jalan Buroh Oct-20
Tank Foundation Repair Work (T-1031) at Oiltanking Terminal Singapore – Seraya Aug-20
Spot repair Works for Water Seepage at SUT Substation Roof, ExxonMobil SAR2 Jul-20
Civil Work for SLU at Linde Gas Singapore, Jurong Island (Phase 2) May-20
Tank Foundation Repair Work (T-1032) at Oiltanking Terminal Singapore – Seraya Feb-20
Injection Grouting for Existing Tank at SMUF, SUT Jan-20
Installation of the Card Key Assess System – SMO Level 1 & 2 Jan-20
Underground Ductbanks and Draw Pits for SGA Project at Sunview Way Dec-19
Platform Foundation for LPG Project at Pesek ExxonMobil SAR2 Nov-19
B309 Civil Foundation-Sleeper, Anchor Foundation and Grouting Works Nov-19
Installation of Doors & Ironmongery at Fire Water Pump House at SMUF, SUT Nov-19
Installation of Cable Route Marker – B309 Decoupling Project SMUF Nov-19
ARU Project – Civil and Piling works at ExxonMobil PAC Nov-19
Reformate Analyzers Project (Bundle 1) at ExxonMobil SAR2 Oct-19
Underground Scan & Trial Excavation at ExxonMobil SAR2 Oct-19
Civil Work for M078 Project at ExxonMobil Pioneer Oct-19
Excavation Works for Competitiveness FEED Study (B317) at ExxonMobil SAR2 Oct-19
Asphalt Patching Work for Tank Shoulders (T-1112) at Oiltanking Terminal Singapore – Seraya Oct-19
Reinstatement of Office Floor at MELS, PCS Oct-19
Installation of Bollards and Road Marking Works at SMUF, SAR2 Oct-19
Carpark Enhancement Works at Oiltanking Terminal Singapore – Helios Oct-19
Electrical Panel DB Load Monitoring and Calculation at Lab, ExxonMobil SAR2 Oct-19
Civil Work for Ammonia Truck Loading System at Vopak Banyan Oct-19
Construction of Pipe Support Foundations – M078 VTB Export Project SAR2 Sep-19
Enhancement Work for Raised Floor at FAR2 and Control Room, ExxonMobil SAR2 Sep-19
Trenching Work for Cable Laying from SMUF-SembCorp to Main Substation-ExxonMobil SAR2 Aug-19
A&A Work on Existing Footings at Stepan Asia, Jurong Island Aug-19
Civil Work for SLU/SLR at Linde Gas Singapore, Jurong Island (Phase 1) Aug-19
Tank Foundation Repair Work (T-1041) at Oiltanking Terminal Singapore – Seraya Jul-19
Demolition of IPP Resting Shelter at ExxonMobil SAR2 Jun-19
Asphaltic Base (T-111) Refurbishment Work at Oiltanking Terminal Singapore, Seraya May-19
Civil Work for M078 VTB Export Project at ExxonMobil SAR2 May-19
Roof Waterproofing for Analyser Building at J8 Air Liquide, Jurong Island May-19
Renovation Work for Lab Female Locker Room at ExxonMobil SAR2 May-19
Installation of Beam Detector with Remote Test Key at Maintenance Workshop & Warehouse – SAR2 May-19
Dismantling/Delivery of Fibreglass Tanks TK-312 & 315 at Chemical Industries (Far East) Limited Apr-19
Extension of Existing Analyser Room Building at J8 Air Liquide, Jurong Island Mar-19
Civil & Structural Work of Purate Dosing System Foundation at PCS Shell Feb-19
Civil Work for drain crossing and foundations at Banyan Ave [Evonik and Zeon Culvert] Feb-19
Civil Repair Work for Tank 106 Sump in Horizon Singapore Terminal Jan-19
Construction of Electrical Draw Pits and Duct Bank at SMUF, SUT Jan-19
Early Field Works for BD8 Interface Project at ExxonMobil SAR2 Jan-19
Seraya Bullet Tank 2 Enabling Works at Oiltanking Terminal Singapore Jan-19
Civil Work for Containment Slabs at Horizon Singapore Terminal Dec-18
Civil Work for Drain Crossing and Foundations at Banyan Ave (Evonik & Zeon Culvert) Dec-18
Waterproofing and Finishing works for Jetty Substation at ExxonMobil SAR2 Dec-18
Civil Work for Jet Fuel Conversion Project at Tankstore, Pulau Busing Dec-18
MJ4 Jetty Slab Strengthening at Oiltanking Terminal Singapore Nov-18
Design and Construct Storage Shelter at MCB, ExxonMobil SAR2 Nov-18
A&A Work for New Compactor to Existing 2 Storey Building at Broadcom, North Coast Drive Nov-18
A&A Work for Main Guardhouse & Turnstile and Card Reader at ExxonMobil SAR2 Oct-18
Civil Work from Turnaround at Neste Oil Singapore Oct-18
Civil Work for Replacement of Building Air-con Compressor & Piping at Bugis Cube, Bugis Sep-18
A&A Work for Design and Construct Carpark at ExxonMobil SAR2 Aug-18
Erection and Dismantle of Temporary Desalination Plant at PUB Tuas. Aug-18
Underground HDPE Firewater Line Repair Work at Dyke 6, ExxonMobil SAR2 Mar-18
A&A Work for Drainage & Storage Tanks Foundation at Fuji Oil, Senoko Road Jan-18
A&A Work for Maintenance Workshop Toilet at ExxonMobil SAR2 Jan-18
Design & Construct Transformer Shelter at Dow Chemical, PCS Dec-17
A&A Work for IPP Site Office at ExxonMobil SAR2 Dec-17